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What is Playary?

Which platforms does Playary support?

Who can use Playary?

Playary, is an application, which everybody can use. You can start listening to music, podcast, audio book or watching movies and series right now.

Is Playary a paid service?

Do I need to sign up to access Playary?

How can I contact with Playary?

For questions, suggestions and information you can contact us with [email protected] or you can use contact form

Can I use Playary on multiple platforms with same membership

Which languages does Playary support?

From which countries are the Playary accessible?

What is Playary Music?

What are the things that I can do with Playary Music Application?

Can I create playlist?

Yes, you can create your own playlist.

Can I save my favorite artists, releases and songs?

Can the other users see my customized playlists in Playary Music?

Can I search song in Playary Music?

Yes you can. Enter anything you want to find, including artists, albums, songs and playlists.

Can I watch video clips?

What is Playary Movie?

What are the things that I can do with Playary Movie Application?

Is Playary movie application has children section?

Yes, Playary Movies has child section. Your children can watch movies for his/her age.

Can I save movies to watch later

Does Playary Movie saves play progress?

Can I watch movies in Playary Movie?

Yes, you can watch movies in Playary.

Can I watch series in Playary Movie?

Does Playary Movie publish full length movies?

What is Playary Podcast?

What are the things that I can do with Playary Podcast Application?

Publishing podcast is free?

Yes, publishing podcast on Playary is free. You won't be charged any money.

Can I listen unlimited podcast?

Can I publish my podcasts stored another host

When I upload new episode to another host do I need to the anything?

No, just upload your new episode to your host. We will update your podcast every day to make sure it is updated.

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