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Find short and indie films from our library. Discover perfect films and tv shows. Watch everything from your browser.

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Find more than 350.000 podcasts in our library. Discover podcasts according to your interest. Save to your favorites, track your listening progress. Listen everything from your browser.

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Create your artist profile and fill your unique information. Upload your profile picture, gallery and banner image. Show information to your audience about you.

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Video clips and acoustic sessions of your favourite artists!

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    • What is Playary?
      Playary is music and movie application. It combines two entertainment system to one.
    • Which platforms does Playary support?
      Playary supports web browsers, windows and linux right now. We are working on to bring Playary to other platforms. You can download apps from here
    • Who can use Playary?
      Playary, is an application, which everybody can use. You can start listening to music or watching movies and series right now. Even you don't need to register.
    • Is Playary a paid service?
      No, Playary is free of charge service right now, but we will add paid membership soon.
    • Do I need to sign up to access Playary?
      No, you can access Playary Movie and Playary Music application without an account however for better Playary experience we recommend that you signup.
    • How can I contact with Playary?
      For questions, suggestions and information you can contact us with [email protected] or you can use contact form
    • Can I use Playary on multiple platforms with same membership.
      Yes you can use Playary on multiple platforms with same membership and same time.
    • Which languages does Playary support?
      Playary only supports English and Turkish right now, but we will add other languages to Playary soon.
    • From which countries are the Playary accessible?
      Playary can be accessed from all around the world.
    • What is Playary Music?
      Playary Music is music streaming application.
    • What are the things that I can do with Playary Music Application?
      • You can search any artist, song, list, album title,
      • Access Playary playlist prepared specifically for you by the Playary curator team,
      • Listen to the most popular songs as free of charge,
      • View the video clips of your favorite songs,
      • Access Weekly Discovery Playlists prepared specifically for you as based on your listening habits,
      • Create your profile, open your lists to all Playary users,
      • Share your favorite songs over the social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter etc.),
    • Can I create playlist?
      Yes, you can create your own playlist.
    • Can I save my favorite artists, releases and songs?
      Yes, you can save your favorite artists, releases and songs in Playary Music.
    • Can the other users see my customized playlists in Playary Music?
      You may share the playlist you prepare with all Playary users. You have to login to Playary application and create your profile and set your playlist as public in order to enable all Playary users see your playlists.
    • Can I search song in Playary Music?
      Yes you can. Enter anything you want to find, including artists, albums, songs and playlists.
    • Can I watch video clips?
      Yes you can. Some songs has video clips and you can watch those video clips.
    • What is Playary Movie?
      Playary Movie is movie streaming application.
    • What are the things that I can do with Playary Movie Application?
      • You can search any artist, genres and movie title,
      • Access thousand of movies,
      • Watch most popular movies and series,
      • View profiles of your favorite artists,
      • Access newly added movies everyday,
      • Share your favorite movies over the social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter etc.),
    • Is Playary movie application has children section?
      Yes, Playary Movies has child section. Your children can watch movies for his/her age.
    • Can I save movies to watch later
      Yes you can but you need create an account to save movies to your library Once you create your account you can save movies to your list.
    • Does Playary Movie saves play progress?
      Yes, Playary automatically saves your play progress when you logged in. When you return to watch the movie later, you can continue where you left off.
    • Can I watch movies in Playary Movie?
      Yes, you can watch movies in Playary.
    • Can I watch series in Playary Movie?
      Yes, you can watch series in Playary.
    • Does Playary Movie publish full length movies?
      We are publishing short movies and Creative Commons movies right now?
    • What is Playary Podcast?
      Playary Movie is podcast storage and streaming platform.
    • What are the things that I can do with Playary Podcast Application?
      • You can search any podcast and genres,
      • Access thousand of podcasts,
      • Listed most popular podcasts,
      • Publish your own podcasts for free,
    • Publishing podcast is free?
      Yes, publishing podcast on Playary is free. You wont be charged any money.
    • Can I listen unlimited podcast
      Yes, you can listen unlimited podcast for free.
    • Can I publish my podcasts stored another host.
      Yes, you can publish your podcast stored another host. Just get the RSS feed url of your podcast and we will do the rest.
    • When I upload new episode to another host do I need to the anything?
      No, jsut upload your new episode to your host. We will update your podcast everyday to make sure it is updated.